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Monteverdi institute

C. Monteverdi”: civic school and conservatory

Study of music and music instruments for the amateur practice and a music education at the highest professional levels: these are the ranges of courses of the Higher Education Institution of Music “Claudio Monteverdi”, public school of high artistic and music education.

The first hypotheses to create a school of music in Cremona date back to the Twenties, but it was only in 1971 that the Civic School of Music entitled to Claudio Monteverdi was established.

Over the time the school has deeply rooted in the territory, by directing to the study of music hundreds of young students. Later, the school has re-examined the courses of study and this has led in 2002 to see as recognized the courses of organ, piano, singing, violin and cello; in 2007 to its conversion into high school of music studies, inserted into the sector of the art and music higher education, and in 2010 to the recognition as a common European space of university education.

Today the school organizes different music courses along a double binary: the one of directing children and teenagers to music, with different levels of difficulty, and the most structured one of higher education for those intending to choose music as their professional activity with related research activity and artistic production.

Music for everyone: the courses of the civic school

The courses organized by the civic school Monteverdi represent an opportunity to approach the study of music, that is initially proposed as a playmate and then as instrument through which develop one’s personality, find one’s expressive language, explore and know one’s emotions. The proposals include:

  • Refrain: is meant for children aged from 6 to 10. Gathered in small groups, the project exposes for the first time children to multiple instruments; this helps them to choose the instrument that they will want to study from the following year.
  • Light courses: the students intending to start or continue the study of the music instrument attend classes in small groups (2/3 students) in extra-school time within the primary schools requiring it as expansion of the range of courses.

Grow up with music – The teachers of Civic for the schools of the city

It is a free project of basic knowledge of the musical language targeted the last year of the kindergarten and third grades of the primary schools. The children have the chance to know the main music instruments, try them and discover together the pleasure of music, along with the teachers of instrument of the Civic school of music that enter in their classes during the school time.

Training course for teachers of kindergartens and primary schools

This provides the teachers with knowledge on the use of voice, intonation, rhythm with related writing, of music listening and use of the didactic instrument. The course is for free for the teachers.

Violin goes to school

This is a course to spread the musical culture to all the schools and train the child within the music area, not only in relation to the technical and instrumental dimension, but also to the other studies with which it twines, such as mathematics, physics, history and art. The proposal involves the schools through courses calibrated for each class but inserted into a vertical curriculum of music didactic competence, that see the succession of activities at school or directly in places of music of the city. The pedagogical method herein is based on the capacity of the child to learn through the direct experience: a support to the cognitive development and the enhancement of the creative talent of the child through experimental practical activities. The element from which this trip starts is the violin chord: from this and its vibrations the multidisciplinary course starts, initially based on play and concrete experience. Than it is focused on intonation, use of voice, discrimination of pitches, the first rhythmic/melodic dictations. The whole material used is unpublished and the project “Violin goes to school” is the outcome of the cooperation with the higher education institution of music studies “C. Monteverdi”. An articulated system of interventions built over the years, the stable elaboration of new methodologies, the involvement of all the schools of the territory, paying attention to the specificities of the different ages, and to integration between the educational, technical and musical and social aspects: these are the reasons nominating the city of Cremona to become a laboratory of experimentation in Italy with respect to music education, with particular regard to the practical learning of music, early learning of the instrument and concrete integration of the music education as of the kindergartens.