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Master in Musical Acoustics

Master’s degree programme in Musical acoustics

Besides the courses already consolidated, as of the academic year 2016-17 the Polytechnic University of Milan proposes a new master’s degree in Computer Engineering focused on audio and musical acoustics. Music, computer science, acoustics, engineering: everything strictly in English. The international students of this programme attend courses of the first year at the campus Leonardo in Milan, those of the second year at the campus of the Polytechnic University of Milan in Cremona.

The first year is completely focused on computer engineering, computer music and processing of audio and acoustic signals. Indeed, the first year of the programme of Musical acoustics offers more than 20 credits specifically reserved to this purpose: Multimedia Signal Processing, Sound Analysis, Synthesis and Processing, and Computer Music, along with the essential courses of computer engineering.

Conversely, the second course year is focused on musical acoustics and vibro-acoustics with the analysis of the vibratory behaviour of various type of structures: from the music instrument to industrial machines, covering also aspects of cancellation and control of unwanted vibrations. Another aspect under investigation is the environmental acoustics where it is studied how to design a listening environment from the point of view of the quality of sound fruition and acoustic comfort, containment and insulation of noise. Finally, the course in Musical Acoustics is focused on Acoustics of the music instruments. The students can also follow courses at the faculty of Musicology of the University of Pavia dedicated to organology, physics and chemistry of materials for music instruments, as well as the restoration of ancient music instruments, namely courses within the degree in restoration of scientific and music instruments.

The course of musical acoustics is the outcome of a long planning path and represents a unicum, made possible also thanks to the presence in Cremona of laboratories of acoustics and non-invasive diagnostics in the Violin Museum.